John, you learned to play your music to the Sea and that is exactly what your music embodies.. waves flowing to the shore, the hypnotic, rhythmic motion, of the Sea, is what your music brings to me.Pure, relaxing emotion is all I can use to explain it. I look forward to experiencing this with you everytime I listen to your CD!
Thank you! Katie Amundson

John, my mind drifted to a place of calm and solitude as I listened to the rhythms you played.  The rhythms allowed me to go back in time to places in my childhood and ponder the memories of my father, as he would play his acoustic guitar for me...imagine lights out, candles dancing, minds in wonder,while being carried away by the strings of music. Thank you for the memories of relaxation during a peaceful dinner! Kira Severson

"you have tremendous energy and, obviously play from the heart" Brian Smith

....it made me forget about my tough times as I listened to John's music.This music, caused me dreaming about a better tomorrow! Thank you! Jeania Caries

John, wonderful romantic music, so much peacefulness and relaxation! We just feel so good here at Bear Path!  Thank you so much! Jack and Barb

John, you are very talented, and we appreciate just being able to relax and calm the nerves, after a stressful week.  Were so glad you're here, and it's a perfect mix...great food.. . great music! Thanks for sharing your talent with us! Mark and Sara

John, my seven-year-old daughter Colleen says, your music makes her heart dance! You are inspiring!
Thank you so much! Vicki Spulman

John, we enjoyed your songs and the spirit of love and tranquility on you.  You are a special individual with a gift of music that opens the heart and soul.  We really enjoyed your songs and beautiful voice. God bless you always.